Masterwall Cladding, Skyline and Umbra

MasterWall polystyrene wall cladding is an external lightweight, fibreglass reinforced, insulating wall cladding system that has been specifically developed to meet Australian conditions.

The MasterWall Insulated External Wall System is designed to provide a long-lasting, energy efficient, weather-tight building envelope with architectural integrity and excellent performance credentials.

Masterwall offers designers the ability to create without compromise and builders to construct quickly, effectively and economically whilst reducing the carbon footprint of the building and is the leading choice of Australian homeowners, builders, architects and designers.

The MasterWall Insulated External Wall System has been specifically developed to meet Australian conditions and is based on proven technology used extensively throughout Europe and North America for more than 60 years.

No other cladding product can claim such a wide range of product benefits including – Energy efficiency, Design flexibility and Economy.

Studies in the US have shown that Insulated External Wall systems are the best performing wall systems.


“outperformed all other walls in terms of moisture while maintaining superior thermal performance”

Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory Research
Certifficate of Conformity for Masterwall Direct to Frame System for Thermal Efficiency, Moisture proof and Bushfire areasThe MasterWall system has passed rigorous testing to achieve CodeMark accreditation and Bushfire Attack Level – BAL 29 and a Cyclonic C4 Rating.

Download the MasterWall Codemark

Umbra, a lightweight, fully engineered, monolithic canopy or blade system transforms shading for windows and doors by reducing glare and solar heat gain to maximise thermal performance.

Incorporate bold design, form, function and sustainability into modern building facades with UMBRA Architectural Shadings. A lightweight, fully engineered, monolithic canopy or blade shading system for windows and doors that reduces glare and solar heat for increased thermal performance.

Specifically developed for Australian conditions, UMBRA is a complete system that can be designed to any custom shape or size and finished with a render in any colour or texture.


  • Easy to install
  • Versatile and compatible with MasterWall, K-Series, brick, weatherboard, plaster and other composites
  • Weather-tight
  • Distinctive
  • Helps achieve high energy ratings
  • Provide savings in energy costs and reduced CO2 emissions.
  • Carries nationwide technical support throughout the design and building stages

Removing the requirement for traditional metal parapet capping, this new and innovative ‘cap-less’ system features an advanced waterproof membrane able to withstand harsh Australian conditions. By replacing metal capping with a renderable and flexible butyl membrane over the head of the parapet wall, the Skyline System gives architects and designers the opportunity to create a continuous, monolithic finish on parapets and balcony heads with no ugly metal capping visible at the skyline of the building.

Masterwall – Thermal, lightweight cladding